March 21, 2012

good morning sunshine

hello, tender souls! thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to comment on my first blogpost, it truly means the world to me. i'm also deeply sorry for the lack of news but unfortunately, med school is not giving me any time to take pictures. it always gets in the way. hopefully, it's only a matter of weeks (okay two more months exactly!) before i can take pictures again. it's quite scary how photography became everything to me. my mind is crazy, my heart is on fire. i just have this urge to live. and, to me, photography = living. surviving med school was - and still is - painful. it was probably the worst experience i've had to go through but i'm glad it's almost over, and in a way, i'm thankful. because now i get to really love living. i don't remember if i used to be grateful for all these little things before i got into this stupid school - and started missing out on life, love, everything - but i'm pretty positive i wasn't living life to its fullest. anyways. once you're unhappy, you realize how vital it is to be, well, happy. pretty silly, right? 
so here are a couple of pictures i took back in december, during my one and only break. this gorgeous girl asked me if i wanted to take her pictures a while ago. we finally got to meet over our winter holiday. thankfully, it was warm and sunny so she didn't actually freeze to death during the day. she was such a sweetheart, and i can't wait to have more days like this one. summer awaits!


  1. your first post was so beautiful--i was wondering if you'd be back. these pictures are lovely. congrats on getting through med school! i'm always happy to find other people whose hearts are on fire. it's the only way to really live...

    xo, sarah

  2. these photos are amazing. i can't imagine how much time med school takes! But hooray on almost being finished! That is such an accomplishment.

  3. awww I never knew that you had a blog!
    But it's so wonderful, you should definitely keep it, be creative and share it with the world. I'm so happy that you do this.

    And I adore these photos!
    It doesn't look like December at all, more like spring :)
    You are SO talented! These photos are gorgeous, they could appear in a fashion magazine just like that. I also love the colours in them. You did so awesome! Keep it up, I can't wait for all the pretty photos you will shoot during the summer. <3

  4. Gorgeous pictures!! I'm so glad I found your perfect little blog. Xo

  5. Absolutely stunning pictures!


  6. very nice pictures. i really like the colours.
    have a nice day (: