April 4, 2012

walking on a dream

blogging sure looks like a wonderful experience and i will be a part of it as soon as med school is over. i am truly amazed by the comments i received, you all are such caring, sweet souls and i can't wait to get to know you better. i love meeting new inspiring people and this community is certainly the right way to do so. i'll make sure to check all of your blogs as soon as i get my freedom back. until then, i should be studying but i couldn't resist taking some pictures last week with my sister. spring is absolutely gorgeous. there are flowers everywhere. it's all pink and pretty and it just feels very alive. i've been going through some rough stuff lately and i've come to realize photography is the one thing i'm passionate about. i can't quite explain it but i'd say that's what keeps me going. it's not just about realizing i chose the wrong career path. it's more about finding out how i want to live my life, what kind of person i want to be, what my dreams are. i'm still not brave enough to drop out of med school so i sure have a long way to go but at least i know what my heart wants. i feel like med school is such a waste of time and happiness (not to mention, a waste of money!). my only true desire is to explore the world and embrace all the beauty and love that it holds. i think i need to stop waiting for this reality to be mine and just make it happen. i hope i can find it in myself to pursue such happiness.