July 9, 2012

girls got rhythm

 it has been a long time. it actually feels good to be back for real. i dropped out of med school after two emotionally and mentally exhausting years and i'm so relieved i did. it was the right thing to do. i couldn't be happier. everything seems new to me, like i was born again. i can't quite explain it but i look at the world differently and it fascinates me more than ever before. i'm loving my existence on this earth as i get to feel a little bit more alive each day. i go hiking all by myself and there's something quite magical about it. i walk all the way up to the mountain. i can see everything from up there. i can feel it all. as of now, i'm going to let my imagination run wild. i refuse to let pain, betrayal and frustration drive me away from wild, carefree living. i also won't let society dictate how i behave. i'm done shutting down my emotions. done giving up on my dreams. i am now making this promise to myself to never stop living, exploring and creating. let the self love journey begin.