January 4, 2013

sleepless nights

how do you explain missing someone so much it feels like a dull aching pain?

January 3, 2013

road to joy

life couldn't get any sweeter. i feel special tonight. some of my favorite people in the world think i'm beautiful and i can't help but giggle at the idea. i'm happy with the person i've become but i'm definitely not loving my physical self so when someone says i look pretty and truly means it, i'm in complete awe. i stop feeling insecure about myself (and feel awesome instead haha). looking back on my highschool years, i was awfully strange and i don't think people liked me very much. i was constantly daydreaming and escaping reality by watching far too many tv shows. intruding into a fantasy world used to make me feel safe and that's all i needed back then. i can't believe how much i've grown over the past two years. it's like medical school wasn't that bad after all as it made me value life. i found my inner self through photography. it's always on my mind and it sure is distracting me from school but i wouldn't give it up for anything. i love that i'm so passionate. it makes life so much more interesting. 
these are pictures of a gorgeous girl i met online. i'd say she's pretty much become my muse along with my sister. i've received fantastic feedback on my facebook page. kind, thoughtful souls allowing me to improve. i keep pushing myself to do things i've never done before and it's so incredibly gratifying for me to know that i might be inspiring someone, somewhere. i can't think of anything more rewarding and fulfilling than that.